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Inuinnaqtun – ᐃᓄᒃᑎᑐᑦ


Member Biographies

Peter Alareak

Peter Alareak is an Arviat resident and very good hunter, learning his hunting skills from his father-in-law who was one of the best hunters in Arviat.  He worked for the Hudson’s Bay Company from young age until he started to work for exploration companies for many years.   Mr. Alareak has a long history of working with the Kivalliq Inuit Association as a board member, president and as the KIA Chief Negotiator on the Dene claim overlap issue for Arviat.   Mr. Alareak has also been on the Nunavut Planning Commission as a Commissioner, Chair with the Elders Advisory Committee for the Minister of Environment on Wildlife and a Justice of the Peace for Arviat. He has been on the Area Co-Management Committee since it was created in 2010.

Thomas Ubluriak

Thomas Ubluriak has been a Kivalliq Inuit Association board member, the Vice-President for the Kivalliq Wildlife Management Board, chair for the Housing Association and a board member for the Sakku Corporation. He has worked for the Hamlet of Arviat for the past 28 years. Mr. Ubluriak knows the land around Arviat and also the place names of the land and brings this knowledge and experience to the ACMC. On his own time aside from his work, he enjoys going inland and has years of experience with wildlife issues and conservation.  He has been in the CLARC since 2008 and the Area Co-Management Committee since it was created in 2010.

Shayne Ubluriak

Shayne Ubluriak is a young Inuk man who is the youth representative on the Arviat CLARC. Mr. Ubluriak grew up and lives in Arviat. He attended John Arnalukjuak High School in Arviat and has worked as a casual employee for the Hamlet of Arviat and Qitik Inc. Mr. Ubluriak enjoys spending time with friends and likes to go hunting on the land. He has an interest in wildlife and wildlife conservation and has been on the Nivvialik Area Co-Management Committee since it was created in 2010.

Angela Suluk

Angela Suluk was born and raised in Arviat, Nunavut. She is married with four children. She has participated as a member of the local hunter’s and Trapper’s Organization and the Arviat District Education Authority. She has been the manager for the Arviat Hunter’s and Trapper’s Organization and the Government of Nunavut, and was a participant in the Light Snow Goose Management Project.  On her spare time, she loves to go camping and fishing, crafts and sewing.

Nute Arnauyumayuq

Nute Arnauyumayuq is a Protected Areas Coordinator with the Environment and Climate Change in Iqaluit. He started with the Canadian Wildlife Service in Iqaluit in March 2016, and prior to joining the CWS team he worked for the Government of Nunavut. Nute was raised and went to school in the small community of Arctic Bay, he went to high school in Iqaluit, attended Red River College in Winnipeg, MB, and went back to school to attend Nunavut Arctic College in Iqaluit to get his Native Teaching certificate and the bachelor of education with McGill University. Nute was very active being a committee member in his hometown in Arctic Bay; he was active in the Hamlet council for 10 years being a counselor, Deputy Mayor and Mayor. Also, he was a member of the High Arctic Development Review committee during the Lancaster Sound Regional Study until Nunavut land Claims Settlement. He was member of Amarok Hunter’s and Trapper’s Association in Iqaluit for 6 years. He is currently an active member of Nunavut Trustee to invest Nunavut’s Capital. Nute and his wife love being outdoors, hunting and fishing during the warmer months of the year and enjoying the sound of birds and other animals in the near Iqaluit area.

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