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Marty Kuluguqtuq (Grise Fiord) – Chairperson

A long time resident of Grise Fiord, Mr. Kuluguqtuq is currently the Secretary Treasurer of the Hunters and Trappers Organization and Chairperson of its business arm, Qutsitumiut Outfitting. He is a long term employee of the Hamlet of Grise Fiord as ASAO and several times in capacity as Senior Administrative Officer. His past work includes as Chairman/CEO in the early development of Qikiqtaaluk Corporation, and as Programs Officer for what is now the Government of Nunavut’s Community and Government Services and Nunavut Housing Corporation.

Larry Audlaluk (Grise Fiord) – Member

Member of the Order of Canada, Mr. Audlaluk is and has been instrumental to the causes and well-being of Inuit in the High Arctic. As one of the original re-locatees from Northern Quebec, he continues as a leading advocate for the cause and has recently authored the book “What I Remember, What I Know: The Life of a High Arctic Exile” about his experience. He is currently a member and past President of the local Co-op. He also sits on the Iviq Hunters & Trappers Organization board and has been involved with them for a long time. Mr. Audlaluk is heavily involved in the regional and territorial Inuit organizations such as the Qikiqtani Inuit Association and Nunavut Tunngavik Inc. and others as assigned to him by these organizations. Through research and some practical experience, he has become very knowledgeable about the recent history of the High Arctic.

Liza Ningiuk (Grise Fiord) – Member

Mrs. Ningiuk is an entrepreneur and owner of Oogliit Sannavik, which operates the fuel distribution, office rental, and confectionary store. She has many years experience in local organizations including the Hamlet of Grise Fiord in which she is the current Mayor and has served as a Councilor in the past. Mrs. Ningiuk is a life-long volunteer at church fundraising events. She often opens her home for people to eat or just to have tea and bannock. She also sits on the local District Education Authority, Justice Committee, Elders Committee, and has represented the people of Grise Fiord and the High Arctic at regional and territorial levels. As a lifelong resident of Grise Fiord, she has been involved in the negotiation process in the NLCA for the High Arctic. She is currently a member of the Canadian Rangers and has been for more than 15 years.

Jaypetee Akeeagok (Grise Fiord) – Member

Mr. Akeeagok is an avid hunter. A life-long resident of Grise Fiord, he has been involved in the negotiation process in the Nunavut Land Claim Agreement for the High Arctic.  He served as the Chairperson of the Hunters and Trappers Organization for several terms. He has worked for the Hamlet of Grise Fiord as Community Economic Development Officer. Mr. Akeeagok was the Mayor of Grise Fiord when it transcended to a Hamlet from a Settlement Council. Jaypetee now serves as the chairperson of the Arctic Fisheries Alliance.  He is very knowledgeable about the Grise Fiord hunting area and the politics surrounding Inuit especially in the High Arctic. Mr. Akeeagok is a strong community and regional advocate for Inuit. 

Jarloo Kiguktak (Grise Fiord) – Member

Jarloo Kiguktak has lived in Grise Fiord since the age of 4 when his family moved from Pangnirtung.  He is an avid hunter, member of the Grise Fiord CLARC and used to be the mayor of Grise Fiord and served as a council member.  Jarloo spends a lot of his spare time out on the land hunting and guiding sports hunters and is very familiar with the area surrounding Grise Fiord.  Jarloo is currently employed  as a “jack of all trades.”  Jarloo knows every part of this island and Devon Island as he done numerous trips around the area in both the summer and the winter. 

Lisa Pirie-Dominix (Iqaluit) – Vice-Chairperson

Lisa Pirie-Dominix is the Protected Areas Head for the Canadian Wildlife Service – Northern Region, for Environment and Climate Change Canada in Iqaluit.  Lisa began her career with CWS in Yellowknife working with shorebirds in 2008 and transferred to our Nunavut office in 2011 to work with the Species at Risk program.  Collectively, she has lived in Nunavut and the Northwest Territories for more than half her life.  She has worked with many Nunavut communities and wildlife management boards on the conservation of species through the Species at Risk Act.  Lisa became involved in the Inuit Impact and Benefit Agreement for National Wildlife Areas and Migratory Bird Sanctuaries in the Nunavut Settlement Area as the vice-chairperson for Nirjutiqarvik ACMC in 2012, and has been managing the IIBA profile and supporting all of our vice-chairpersons and their ACMCs since 2014.   From Shorebirds, to Species at Risk to Protected Areas, Lisa’s experience has provided her with a good understanding of ECCC-CWS policies and procedures, and of the environmental, social and economic conditions that are characteristic of Nunavut.

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