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Nute B, Arnauyumayuq (Iqaluit, Nunavut) – Member

Nute Arnauyumayuq is a Protected Areas Coordinator with the Environment and Climate Change in Iqaluit. He started with Canadian wildlife in Iqaluit in March 2016 prior to joining the CWS team in Iqaluit he was working for Government of Nunavut. Nute is raised and went to school in the small community of Arctic Bay, later on he went to high school in Iqaluit, attends Red River College in Winnipeg, MB and when back to school to attend Nunavut Arctic College in Iqaluit to get his Native Teaching certificate and the bachelor of education with McGill University. Nute was very active being a committee in his home town in Arctic Bay, he was actively Hamlet council for 10 years and being a counselor, Deputy Mayor and Mayor. Also, he was a member of High Arctic Development Review committee during the Lancaster Sound Regional Study until Nunavut land Claims Settlement. He also, was member of Amarok Hunter’s and Trapper’s Association in Iqaluit for 6 years. He is actively, member of Nunavut Trustee to invest Nunavut’s Capital. Nute and his wife loves being outdoors, hunting and fishing during the warmer month of the year and enjoying the sound of birds and other animals in the near Iqaluit area.

Taqialuk Nuna (Kinngait, Nunauvt) – Member

Mr. Nuna was born and raised in Cape Dorset.  He was elected to the Aiviq Hunters and Trappers Association as the Secretary Treasurer in 2014 and still serves in this role. Mr. Nuna is also the elected Chairperson for the West Baffin Eskimo Co-Operative and participates on both the Credit and the Arts & Crafts subcommittees. In addition to his experience working as a traditional tools making instructor and as a shop teacher at the Peter Pitseolak High School in Cape Dorset, Mr. Nuna has completed a number of certifications such as the jewelry making program and the arts and craft stone quarry course at Nunavut Arctic College, a prospecting course, the firearm safety course, and has received certification from the Fire Fighters of Cape Dorset from 1986 to present. Mr. Nuna has been the recipient of several awards from various bodies such as the Royal Canadian Rangers, the Bravery Commissioners, and a recognition award from the Government of Nunavut’s Department of Culture, Language, Elders and Youth. Mr. Nuna enjoys carving, hunting, and the traditional Inuit way of life.

Wakta Etungat (Kinngait, Nunauvt) – Member

Wakta was born in Apex, Nunavut just outside the city of Iqaluit. Wakta is mother of 2 beautiful children and a grandmother. Wakta raised her son now able to hunt and provide food for her and to the elders in the Community and widows with the country food. Wakta is part-time Income Support Worker in Cape Dorset.  Wakta’s aspiration is to be Income Support Worker in the other Community. Wakta was appointed to Community Lands and Resources Committee in 2016 by Qikiqtani Inuit Association. Wakta worked as Returning Registrar during the Hamlet Council election. She is also, a foster parent fostering the children who are in needs. Wakta likes to do sewing and cooking.

Olayuk Akesuk (Kinngait, Nunavaut) – Member

Mr. Akesuk is an elected member of the Qikiqtani Inuit Association and worked as a Senior Administration Officer for the Hamlet of Cape Dorset from May 2009 to August 2012. He also worked as a Recreation Director for a year prior to becoming the SAO. Mr. Akesuk was also a Member of Legislative Assembly and became Minister of Sustainable Development, Environment, Economic Development and Transportation, Nunavut Housing Corporation and Health and Social Services. He enjoys going out on the land has great interest in seeing the area well-managed as there is migratory birds and other wildlife around the community for the communities benefit.

Atsiaq Alashua (Kinngait, Nunavut) – Member

Atsiaq Alashua is a unilingual elder who has been a Community Lands and Resources Committee member since the beginning. He has great knowledge of the land and wildlife and knowledge on Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit.  He has also served in other community committees such as Cape Dorset Hamlet council, local Housing Authority, Hunters & Trappers Organization, Qikiqtani Inuit Association Lands committee mapping local place names, West Baffin Eskimo Co-op and Elders Committee. Mr. Alashua also served as Mayor in Cape Dorset for two years and also helped the Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada negotiating team with boundary overlap issues with the people of Northern Quebec.

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