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Left to right: Meeka, Susanne, Jeannie, Jaypootie, Stevie, and Yukipa

Jeannie Toomasie – CHAIRPERSON

Jeannie Toomasie was born on Durban Island and moved to Padloping Island with her family before moving to Qikiqtarjuaq. Ms. Toomasie is a retired primary and elementary school teacher where she also taught Inuktitut for more than five years. Ms. Toomasie was a member of the CLARC for many years and has served as the Chair of the Sululiit ACMC since 2012. The Qikiqtani Inuit Association appointed her because of her interest in protecting Akpait and Qaqulluit NWAs and land management near the community. Ms. Toomasie also participates in the Recreation Committee, Justice Committee and Health Committee for the Hamlet of Qikiqtarjuaq. She enjoys going out on the land hunting and fishing.

Stevie Aulaqiaq – MEMBER

Stevie Aulaqiaq lives in Qikiqtarjuaq where he works as the school community councillor at Inuksuit School. Since 2008, he has spent portions of the open water season working for various cruise ships as a wildlife monitor, diver and cultural expert, giving him valuable experience in the tourism industry. Mr. Aulaqiaq is very experienced in committee work. He has been a member of the Qikiqtarjuaq CLARC and the Nattivak Hunters and Trappers Organization. He also has extensive experience out on the land as an active hunter, leader for the Rangers and a volunteer for the local Search and Rescue. He has an interest in land management in the area and is very knowledgeable about the NWAs and their resources.

Yukipa Audlakiak – MEMBER

Yukipa was born on May 17, 1944 in Pangnirtung Fiord and became part of a large family, joining her grandparents Nookiguak and Akasayuk, her father, Peteroosie, and mother, Martha Nookiguak, as well as six sisters and four brothers. Growing up on Padloping Island, Yukipa enjoyed playing with her friends indoors as well as outdoors and helping her parents in any way she could. Her family moved to Qikiqtarjuaq in 1955 when her father worked for the DEW Line Site. Yukipa worked as a teacher in the 1960s and also worked as a cook in a hotel for over twenty years. She is very experienced in committee work, having been a member of the CLARC, Nattivak Hunters and Trappers Organization, Women’s Auxiliary, church committee, and elders committee. She currently also sits on the Hamlet of Qikiqtarjuaq Council. She still loves to cook, as well as sew clothes and tents and going along on hunting trips.

Meeka Newkingnak  – MEMBER

Meeka Newkingnak lives in Qikiqtarjuaq and has been a member of the Sululiit Area Co-Management Committee since it was established in 2011. Ms. Newkingnak is currently employed as a custodian at Inuksuit School. In addition to the Sululiit ACMC, she is also a board member for Sapujjijiit and Justice Committee since 2004, and a member of the Nattivak Hunters and trappers Organization and the Parks Canada Joint Parks Management Committee since 2016. She has travelled along the coast and by the two National Wildlife Areas extensively while out on hunting trips. She has a deep interest in seeing these sites well-managed for the community.

Jaypootie Aliqatuqtuq – MEMBER

Jaypootie Aliqatuqtuq was born in Frobisher Bay, NWT in 1969. He lived most of his life in Qikiqtarjuaq where he is currently living with his family. Mr. Aliqatuqtuq was appointed to the Qikiqtarjuaq Community Lands and Resources Committee (CLARC) in January 2018. The Sululiit ACMC nominated him from the CLARC for appointment to the Sululiit ACMC. In addition to the CLARC, Mr. Aliqatuqtuq is also a member of other committees in Qikiqtarjuaq that address issues related to park management, economic development and the visitors center. He also served as a member of the Nunavut Impact Review Board. Mr. Aliqatuqtuq has experience travelling and working in the Akpait and Qaqulluit National Wildlife Areas. In the past, he participated in research projects monitoring seabirds at Akpait NWA and working with a geological research team on Padloping Island and the surrounding area near Qaqulluit NWA. Mr. Aliqatuqtuq has knowledge and interest in the Akpait and Qaqulluit area, as his family lived in this area in the past. His experience and knowledge will be a benefit to the Sululiit ACMC.


Susanne Emond was born in Quebec City and lives in Iqaluit. She works as a senior policy analyst for the Canadian Wildlife Service (CWS) – Northern Region and is the Sululiit ACMC vice-chair. Susanne began her career in conservation in 2002, through various positions with Canadian and International Non-Governmental Organisations, focusing on bridging conservation of biodiversity with sustainable development. In 2010, she joined the CWS Protected Areas Program in Gatineau. Her first encounter with the Arctic came when she had the opportunity to come work for the CWS Iqaluit office between 2012-2014, supporting the implementation of the Inuit Impact and Benefit Agreement for National Wildlife Areas and Migratory Bird Sanctuaries in the Nunavut Settlement Area (IIBA). After returning south with CWS, she participated in the Indigenous Circle of Experts (ICE) and the writing of the March 2018 report – We Rise Together, which makes recommendations on how to advance Indigenous-led conservation in Canada. Susanne made a more permanent move to Nunavut coming back to Iqaluit in late 2018, wanting to pursue her discovered passion for the Arctic.  Building from her previous work, Susanne is actively supporting the advancement of Inuit-led conservation efforts through the spirit and practice of reconciliation.

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